Take a boat trip to see the seals in their natural environment basking on Blakeney Point with Temple Seal Trips. You will find us on the North Norfolk Coast (on the A149 coast road), where our red and white boats, Morston Ferry, Four Sisters and Lily-Too leave from Morston Quay. The trip is suitable for all ages and can only be described as a "must do' experience! Be sure to book o in order to secure a seat especially in the busy summer months!

Daily boat trips from Morston quay to see the seals on Blakeney Point in their natural environment. The ticket office is in the Anchor Pub. Temples is  a family run business, comprising boats and pub, and love the chance to share our unique way of life. Blakeney point is also internationally famous for migrant birds, an amazing breeding and feeding ground for terns, oystercatchers, ringed plover, and many more. A must for all bird lovers. Seals are in their abundance, Common and Grey, with pups being born summer and winter. Nov and Dec are notable for their thousands of seals along the shore, a truly spectacular sight. We are a happy bunch, with lots of information to share, and with a true passion for the area. The pub has been in the family for over 100 years, and the boats have been started up and run by the Temple family for well over 70 years. Our skippers are exceptional in their ability and experience. We hope to see



  • Jane & Jimbo Temple
  • 01263 740791
  • Quay Lane, Morston, Norfolk, NR25 7BH

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