Fakenham Races Ladies Day 2021
Fakenham Races Ladies Day 2021
April 6, 2020
North Norfolk Food Festival 2020
North Norfolk Food Festival 2021
April 7, 2020


Houghton Festival 2020

After Houghton  made the sad announcement that it was impossible for the festival to go ahead in 2020 ,  new dates of the 12th -15th August 2021 have been announced.

This will be the first time this great event will be restaged since since 2018. Despite this Houghton Music & Arts Festival has gained a reputation as one of the must-go-to  electronic festivals. Curated by British electronic wizard Craig Richards who also  produces the much loved Gottwood, Houghton has won praise on basically all counts – lineup, scheduling, sound quality, location, atmosphere.

With extended set times and an enthusiastic crowd, artists  can dare to be different  and this is where  some very special sets can be created.



Craig Richards created this utopic festival in 2017 and it’s been all the rage every since. This festival is unique in that the venue has a 24 hour license so the party truly never stops and the sets are extremely long. In conjunction with the wild energy of the festival, there are also sculptures and art to look through in the gardens of the estate that the festival takes place. Gates open at midday on Thursday, August 6, and music begins at 5pm. Entry on the first night stops at 1am, and the music ends at 2am, and gates open on Friday at 9am. After music begins at 10am, it continues to 3am on Monday morning, with all campsites finally closing at 2pm the same day.