Geese at Snettisham Norfolk
Pink Footed Geese at Snettisham
October 29, 2019

Kings Lynn Fairground Mart 2022

Kings Lynn Mart 2020

The mart returns after a year’s of absence. Traditionally the opening to the travelling season, King’s Lynn Mart has a special place in the hearts of the travelling show people.

In 2021 West Norfolk’s borough mayor, Geoff Hipperson read out the Royal Charter which traditionally proclaims the opening of the Mart on the Tuesday Market Place  in a  recorded version from his home.

This continued a tradition from  the later half of the nineteenth century when the King’s Lynn Mart was a spectacular event in which Frederick Savage of King’s Lynn displayed his latest roundabouts and fairground attractions to the showmen. This display of new machines and amusements continues today with the showmen vying to display the latest amusements. Traditionally, this is the first funfair in the Showmen’s calendar where new rides are tried out and old favourites brought out from winter storage.

The 817th Kings Lynn Mart which opens on the 12th February 2022 includes the same traditional rides and stalls as well as new rides called the Tornado, Over the Falls and the Fighter, which is a smaller version of the popular ride, Extreme. The ‘Booster’ pendulum ride will be back, as will the ride he calls the ‘Crazy Shake’ after it was introduced ‘with success last year’. For two whole weeks from Valentines day, the town will see thousands of people come and experience all the fun of the showman’s travelling fair. The mart is still due to be held at the Tuesday Market place.

Children’s Day, in which all rides are reduced to £1 except for the Booster, dodgems and cars, will be taking place on Monday, February 14 of half-term.


Queen Kings Lynn Mart 1953

Queen Visits Kings Lynn Mart in February 1953.